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No matter what your budget is we supply the best granite worktops at the most affordable prices.

Low-maintenance Granite surfaces

Pre-sealed with Dry-Treat, the world’s leading impregnating sealer, for premium protection.

Contemporary Kitchen with Light Granite Counter tops

Why choose granite?

Granite Worktops

Compared to other countertops, granite worktops lead the way when it comes to natural materials. Because granite is cut and polished from the earth, there is nothing artificial about it. In fact, no two granite worktops can ever be the same, as each piece  is unique. So if you’re looking for light or black granite countertops, you will have a work surface that is unique in composition and appearance to only you.

Additionally, natural stone countertops add value to the price of your home and are often associated with luxury and high-end materials. Not to mention, all our natural stone countertops can be purchased with a 10-year warranty, offering you and your family added security and complete peace of mind.

Dark Granites for Kitchens

When it comes to choosing a worktop, dark stone countertops are mostly associated with traditional kitchen designs. That being said, some of our new granite colours such as titanium black, with its natural flowing ivory waves is frequently used for modern kitchen arrangements. It’s also important to remember that when it comes to cleaning granites, darker work surfaces require less maintenance compared to their lighter counterparts.

Dark Granites

Blue Pearl

Dark Granites

Star Galaxy

Black Granite Countertops

Dark Granites

Indian Black stone countertops, cut and polished with under-mounted sink drainer

Light Granites for Kitchens

Without reservation, light-coloured granites are by far the most popular stone countertops for Irish customers. In particular, white and ivory granites are currently very fashionable for new and contemporary kitchen designs. By and large, granite worktop prices for lighter colours are similar to dark granites. Additionally, extra worktop elements such as upstands, splashbacks and worktop sink drainers are also available for all light granites.

Light Granites

Colonial White

Light Granites

Cielo De Ivory

Brazilian Granite Worktops

Light Granites

Our exclusive Giallo Ornate countertop with a highly polished surface finish.

Superior Granite Worktops


Pre-sealed with Dry-Treat, the leading impregnating sealer.

Eco Friendly

Made from 100% natural stone, cut and polished from the earth.

Scratch Resistant

Granite countertops are highly scratch and scrape resistant.


Worktop surfaces repel liquid spills and any unwanted bacteria.

Exclusive Granites

Because our granites are imported directly from their country of origin, certain colours are only available from ourselves. So if you’re looking for unique granite colours for your kitchen counter, check out our range of new and exclusive granites.

No matter which colour you choose, all granites come in 2cm slabs for matching splashbacks. Additional features like intricate edge profiling and sunken drainers can be adopted to your worktop, which all have a highly polished, easy to keep finish.

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Blue Eyes

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Chiffon White

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Giallo Ornate

Our Granite Countertop Benefits

All our stone countertops are affordable, guaranteed, and come with a full backup service, offering you complete peace of mind.


Affordable kitchen countertop prices to suit your preferred budget


For complete peace of mind, we offer a 10-year worktop warranty.


The best before and after-sales customer service for your worktops.