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Care & Maintenance

Caring for Dark Quartz

Caring for Light Quartz


Daily Maintenance

Quartz is an engineered, man-made material consisting of 95% crushed quartz and 5% polyresin. Compared to granite, quartz is non-porous and requires very little maintenance.

By simply wiping up spillages soon after they occur, the process of cleaning and maintaining engineered stone will remain quick and easy.


Care for Light Quartz

By and large, engineered stone worktops require relatively low- maintenance and care. However, light quartz colours will need a little more upkeep than their darker counterparts. Even though our engineered stone colours, including white kitchen worktops, are  non-porous, it’s best practice to wipe up all types of liquid spills soon after they occur. If this simple practice is adhered to, then cleaning quartz countertops and maintaining them will be quick and easy.

In order to clean light engineered stone colours we advise using a white cloth and a simple solution of  some warm water and a little dish soap, like fairy liquid. After wiping the entire surface, rinse the cloth with fresh water, removing any soap residue. Then using a microfiber cloth, dry the entire surface back to its original polished finish. When cleaning quartz countertops avoid abrasive pads and acidic cleaners, as they can damage the surface of your worktops.

Care for Dark Quartz

For the most part, darker quartz worktops are easier to keep than their lighter counterparts. For example, uncleaned oil spills left for a long period of time will eventually stain your counter. However, if you have dark quartz, the stain will be almost invisible, as they tend to blend in with darker quartz colours. That being said, it’s always best practice to wipe harsh liquid spills soon after they occur. As a result, your engineered stone maintenance will be a lot less cumbersome.

Cleaning quartz countertops that are darker in colour is identical to cleaning light colours, which is already mentioned above. From time to time, you may come across a stubborn stain which is difficult to remove from your worktop or splashbacks. In this case, we advise using Astonish, multi-purpose cleaner, or Ciff Cream, both of which can be used for light and dark quartz. These cleaners will not harm your worktop, and can be purchased in your local supermarket.

Cleaners to Avoid

Oven and drain cleaners, turpentine, bleach, acidic cleaners, Ammonia, and methylene chloride.

Cleaners to Use

Mild soap like Fairy liquid with some warm water or Stonetex Rejuvenator Spray.

To Remove Stains

Astonish-multi purpose cleaner or Ciff Cream.

Best Practices

Coffee spill on quartz worktop

Wipe spills soon after they occur

Because engineered stone is non-porous, it is highly stain resistant. That being said, liquid spills that occur should be wiped up as soon as possible, to avoid any potential discoloration or staining. Unlike granite, its impervious qualities prevent liquids from penetrating into the surface making cleaning quartz countertops a lot easier.

Made from 95% crushed quartz and 5% polyresin the durability of this manufactured material means it never needs to be sealed and comes with a full engineered stone guarantee and backup service.


Maintaining quartz kitchen surfaces

Using Stonetex Rejuvenator Spray

For best-engineered stone maintenance, we highly advise  “Stonetex Rejuvenator Spray”. Rejuvenator is a PH-neutral cleaner specially formulated for engineered stone maintenance and care. Not to mention, Rejuvenator is food safe, provides a natural citrus scent, and contains a small amount of sealer for increased  work surface protection.

Along with our worktop installation, rejuvenator spray and a surface care leaflet are supplied with your worktop. Rejuvenator cleaners can be bought from Stonedoctors in Dublin, or from ourselves.

Cleaning blemishes on engineered stone countertops

Removing stubborn marks and stains

From time to time, marks or stains may appear on your countertop which can be difficult to remove. In this instance, we advise using  Astonish, multi-purpose cleaner, or Ciff Cream. Both products can be purchased in your local supermarket and are excellent for removing stubborn marks and stains, without damaging your work surface.

Although these 2 products are not included in our prices for quartz countertops, they are  not costly and should only be used to remove tough marks or stains. Please do not use them as daily cleaners.



Preventing stains and damage

With the correct engineered stone maintenance, your countertop will provide you with a lifetime of beauty and utility. Taking the appropriate precautions to prevent any stains or damage on your quartz worktop is crucial. With this in mind, please familiarise yourself with the below items that could stain or damage your worktop.

Bleach Cleaners

Quartz countertops are non-porous, making them resistant to bacteria and staining. For this reason, harsh cleaners like bleach are not required. If used regularly bleach will damage the surface of your worktop and cause permanent discolouration to the quartz.

Oil-Based Products

When left uncleaned, cooking oil and other similar oil-based products can stain or blotch engineered stone surfaces. Pay particular attention to the area around your hob or cooker area and always clean any oil spills or splashes soon after they occur.

Intense Heat

Never place hot pots or pans directly on your worktop. Although quartz is highly heat resistant, an intense heat may cause heat discolouration and damage your work surface. In order to avoid heat damage use coasters or protective pads under hot pans and pots.

Solvents & Chemicals

Paint strippers and nail polished removers containing methylene chloride are harmful to quartz. Trichloroethylene (TCE), found in certain aerosol cleaners and cleaning wipes will also damage your worktop. Always check your cleaning product contents before use.

Kitchen Utensils

Although engineered stone is scratch-resistant, cutting knives, should be used under a chopping board when preparing meals. It’s also important to note that a hard impact from pans and crockery can chip the edge of your worktop, especially around the sink area.

Ink & Markers

If you have young children who like to paint and colour then beware of anything ink-based marking your worktop. In particular, permanent markers are extremely difficult to remove from light quartz colours and if left uncleaned will stain your worktop.


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