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Granite Worktop Prices

Granite prices to suit your budget

There are many factors that determine granite worktop prices. The first and most obvious factors are the actual stone colours themselves. Depending on their availability and county of origin some granites are more expensive than others. With this in mind, we have divided our granites into three categories – best value, mid-range, and premium. Therefore when getting granite worktop prices with a 1-year guarantee, try to select a colour from each category to compare value and get the best quote for your budget.

Please Note: The above prices (per square meter) do not include worktop sink drainers, upstands/splashbacks, intricate worktop edging, or installation costs.


Additional Granite Countertop Costs

When requesting a quotation please let us know of any additional factors needed for your worktop

Sink Drainers

Without doubt, worktop sink drainers are the main focal point of any kitchen countertop design. Although under-mounted stainless steel sinks are relatively inexpensive, the type of granite sink drainer you choose will greatly affect your stone countertop cost. For example, to recess a sunken drainer into a black granite work surface will be costly, due to the production time involved. On the other hand, if you only require fluted drainer lines on the surface of the granite, this will be less expensive, especially if you have a certain budget to keep too.


Another key point to keep in mind when requesting granite worktops prices is upstands and splashbacks. Generally, upstands are 4″ high and rest on the back of the countertop in an upright position. Whereas, splashbacks are much larger and are usually positioned behind a cooker area. Additionally, window sills can also be purchased to match granite worktops and complement upstands in particular very well. Given these points, please let us know if you need upstands, splashbacks, or window sills when requesting your stone countertop cost.

Worktop Edging

When requesting countertop prices the type of edge profile you prefer will also determine your stone countertop cost. As a rule of thumb, the more simple the worktop edging, the less expensive your work surface becomes. On the other hand, if you require a more intricate profile for your countertop this will take more time to manufacture, resulting in higher costs. By and large, the most popular edge profiles, like a pencil or bullnose edge make cleaning granite easier, and are the most cost-effective option when receiving pricing for granite tops.


When requesting a quotation it’s important to remember worktop installation must also be taken into account. If you have an old work surface to be removed before installing your new worktop, please let us know. Additionally, if you have a large Island-top more manpower will be needed to lift this into position. While we do attach and seal your sink/sinks to your new counter, cooker appliances, taps, and plug sockets will need to be connected by your plumber or electrician. Finally, worktop prices will also vary depending on your location.

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