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Where are you located and what areas do you cover?

We are located in Clontibret Village, Co. Monaghan and we cover all 4 provinces of Ireland: Ulster, Connacht, Leinster, and Munster.

Do you replace old kitchen countertops?

Yes, we offer a complete kitchen worktop replacement service, with a free-call out, measuring, and pricing service.

How long does it take to receive a worktop?

On average most kitchen worktops are fabricated and installed in your home within two to three weeks from the date of order.

Is there a guarantee with my work surface?

Granite worktops have a 1-year guarantee with an optional 10-year warranty available. Quartz worktops have a 2-year guarantee with an optional 25-year warranty available.

What does my guarantee/warranty cover?

Guarantees and warranties cover any failures due to a defect in worktop fabrication or installation. They do not cover damage caused by physical, chemical, or other similar abuse.

Which countertops are better: quartz or granite?

Both materials offer their own unique characteristics and are durable and practical for worktops. However, quartz would have a slight advantage, mainly due to its non-porous surface.

What is the average price of a quartz/granite worktop?

Based on an average kitchen size and depending on your preferred worktop material and fabrication options prices can range anywhere from €2,500 to €4,000.

What type of worktop is the easiest to keep?

Because of their non-porous nature, quartz worktops are easier to keep, with only a minimal amount of care and maintenance needed.

What do I clean my countertop with?

To clean granite or quartz we recommend using a little Fairy Liquid with some warm water. After wiping the entire surface rinse the cloth with fresh water and re-wipe to remove any soap residue. Then using a soft micro-fiber cloth dry and buff up to its original polished finish.

How do I prevent stains and damage?

Whether it’s quartz or granite, the best advice we can give is to clean all spills soon after they happen, never cut with a knife directly on your countertop, and use protective pads under hot pans.


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