How to clean and care for your granite worktop

Cleaning Granite Worktops

Care & Maintenance

Caring for Dark Granites

Caring for Light Granites


Pre-Sealed Worktops

All our stone work surfaces are pre-sealed with Dry-Treat, the world’s leading permanent impregnating sealer, for premium protection.

With the correct care, your granite countertop will look beautiful for many, many years.

Care for Light Granites

By and large, light-coloured granites require more stone countertop maintenance than their darker counterparts. In particular, liquid spills that are left uncleaned for a long period of time will eventually penetrate into and stain the stone. Although, the same thing will happen to black granite countertops, staining on darker stones will be almost invisible to the naked eye. With this in mind, cleaning granite worktops soon after any liquid spills occur is especially important with light coloured granites.

To clean light stone colours we recommend using a white cloth with some warm water and a little fairy liquid. After wiping the entire surface, rinse the cloth with fresh water and re-wipe the countertop to remove any soap residue. Then, using a soft microfiber cloth dry the surface and buff up to reveal its highly polished finish. Most importantly, avoid any harsh chemicals, acidic cleaners, and abrasive cleaning tools when cleaning granite worktops, as these can weaken the sealant and ultimately dull your granite.

Care for Dark Granites

Compared to lighter colours, darker granites require less stone countertop maintenance. To enumerate, dark granite work surfaces tend to be denser in composition and contain fewer pores. Therefore, uncleaned liquid spills take longer to penetrate into the stone compared to lighter granites. In addition, stains that accidentally occur will be difficult to see, as they usually blend in with darker granites. However, like all stone surfaces, it’s best practice to regularly clean liquid spills soon after they occur.

Like light granites, darker colours should be cleaned with warm water and a little fairy liquid. After wiping the worktop, including upstands and splashbacks, rinse your cloth with fresh water and re-wipe to remove any soap residue. Finally, dry your countertop with a soft microfiber cloth. For daily upkeep we highly recommend Stonetex Rejuvenator spray for cleaning granite worktops. This spray is PH neutral and is the best cleaner/protector for both light and dark stone countertop maintenance.

Cleaners to Avoid

Vinegar, Lemon juice, Citric acid, Lynsol, Window cleaners, All Ammonia and Bleach based products.

Cleaners to Use

Mild dish soap such as Fairy-Liquid with some warm water. Stonetex Rejuvenater Spray and soft cloths like microfiber.

Best Practices

Red Wine Liquid spill on granite

Wipe spills as soon as possible

All worktops are pre-sealed with an impregnating sealer from Dry-Treat. Rather than blocking the pores of the stone, this sealer repels liquids, while still allowing air to move through the pores of the granite naturally. This technology protects against staining while preserving the look and natural integrity of your granite worktops.

Because the pores of the stone remain open, the surface is not immune from staining. However, the sealer will give you plenty of time to clean up liquid spills before they absorb into the pores and stain.

Best Practice for granite upkeep and care

Using Stonetex Rejuvenator Spray

For cleaning granite worktops we recommend using  “Stonetex Rejuvenater Spray”. Rejuvenator is a PH-neutral cleaner specially formulated for stone countertop maintenance. Not to mention, this cleaning product is food safe, provides a natural citrus scent, and contains a small amount of sealer to increase protection from staining.

Rejuvenator can be purchased from ourselves or you can buy it online from Stonedoctors in Dublin. After your worktop installlation, Rejuvenator Spray and a surface care leaflet are also provided.

Re-sealing granite work surfaces

Re-sealing your work surface

As previously mentioned our granite countertops come pre-sealed with Dry-Treat. Unlike other similar products on the market, Dry-Treat sealer comes with a 10-year warranty, meaning your sealer should protect your worktop for ten years. However, as some granites are more porous than others, this timescale may vary a little.

If after 5 or 6 years you find your counter absorbing water fairly quickly, then this is an indication to reseal your worktop. For more info on re-sealing countertops please contact us for help and advice.


Preventing stains and damage

Once sealed, granites have a low-absorption rate and repel liquid spills and unwanted bacteria. However, this does not make worktops immune from staining. Taking the correct precautions to prevent stains and scratches on your counter will greatly extend the life of your work surface and keep it in pristine condition for many years.

Tap Water

Water is good for cleaning granite worktops and only causes a problem when it remains on the surface for a long period of time, allowing it to soak in. Don’t leave damp cloths on your counter and take time to dry the surface of your counter at least once each day.

Cooking Oil

When left uncleaned, cooking oil and similar oil-based products will penetrate granites and lead to discolouration. Pay particular attention to the area around your hob or cooker and always clean any oil spills or splashes soon after they occur.

Intense Heat

Never place a hot pot directly on your countertop. Although granite is highly heat resistant, an intense heat will cause damage to the sealer, leaving marks on your work surface. In order to avoid heat damage use coasters or protective pads under hot pans.

Coffee, Wine & Soda

Everyday drinks such as coffee, red wine, and various sodas are highly acidic and when left uncleaned on worktops they will eventually stain the stone. For best stone countertop maintenance use coasters under cups or glasses and wipe spills soon after occurring.

Acidic Fruit

The citric acid found in oranges, lemons, and grapefruits can cause damage to your work surface. Never place acidic fruits directly on granites as they will cause a dull appearance and etch into the polished surface. Always cut acidic fruits on a chopping board.

Kitchen Utensils

Although granites are scratch-resistant, knives, in particular, should be used under a chopping board when preparing meals. It’s also important to note that a hard impact from pans and crockery can chip the edge of granites, especially around the sink area.


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