Quartz Worktops Guarantee

2 year warranty for engineered stone countertops Ireland

2-Year Quartz Guarantee

All quartz countertops made and installed by ourselves come with a 2-year guarantee. Basically, our quartz worktops guarantee covers any failures resulting from faulty production or installation irregularities within the first 2 years of your purchase. Under those circumstances, we will repair or replace the affected countertops free of charge. This guarantee includes additional worktop elements we may have supplied such as sinks or taps.

It’s important to remember that in order for our quartz worktops guarantee to be valid, any defects that appear should not be done by the client. For example, if your work surface or worktop splashbacks should crack or chip due to a hard impact, or if marks appear due to physical abuse, then such actions will not be covered in our quartz worktops guarantee. Only defects resulting from faulty worktop fabrication or installation will apply.

It’s also worth noting that quartz is an extremely durable material. As well as being  non-porous, all our quartz countertop colours are highly scratch, stain, and impact-resistant. Therefore, greatly limiting the amount of damage that could be caused due to mistreatment. With the proper care and maintenance, we can confidently guarantee your engineered stone work surface will be both practical and functional for everyday use.

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Highest Quality Quartz Countertops Guaranteed

Our quartz worktops go through the most demanding quality controls to ensure the highest quality surface for your kitchen. All countertops come with an automatic 2-year guarantee.

25 year quartz work surface guarantee for kitchens in Ireland

25-Year Quartz Warranty

Because each of our countertops, including white quartz worktops, are manufactured and installed to the highest standards, we offer an optional 25-year warranty, should you require it. Our 25-year warranty covers any failures or defects resulting from faulty worktop fabrication or installation. It’s also important to remember that only worktops which are installed by ourselves are eligible for our 25-year engineered stone warranty.

As stated above, our 25-year engineered stone warranty is optional and offers you complete peace of mind should a production or installation fault occur within a 25-year time period. And like our 2-year guarantee, any form of improper use such as physical or chemical abuse will not be covered. When receiving prices for quartz countertops, just let us know if you would like more info on our warranty and we will arrange to send you a draft copy.

Compared to granite and other high-end work surfaces, quartz requires very little maintenance. Because it is non-porous, keeping and cleaning engineered stone is a breeze. Whereas with granite and other more-porous worktops more care is required. Therefore, should you avail of our 25-year engineered stone warranty you’ll have an added assurance that your worktop will serve your household for many worry-free years.

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