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With its impervious qualities, our engineered stone is practical, functional, and easy to keep.

Quartz Worktops for Kitchen Islands

About Compound Stone

Quartz Worktops

Unlike granite or other stone countertops, quartz worktops for Dublin and Ireland are man-made from 95% crushed quartz and 5% polyresin. As a result, engineered stone countertops are non-porous and more robust when compared to their natural stone counterparts. So if you’re after a durable, robust surface with affordable kitchen worktop prices for Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland then quartz is the one choice. Additionally, all countertops come with a quartz guarantee offering you and your family complete peace of mind.

Apart from their easy maintenance, our engineered stone countertops come in an exclusive variety of shades and designs. From contemporary light colours, like our Calacatta, to more traditional darker shades, you are guaranteed to find the best kitchen worktop to complement your kitchen’s appearance. And because compound stone worktops are non-porous, they do not need to be sealed like granite. In fact, cleaning engineered stone and removing any unwanted stains and blemishes is effortless.

Dark Quartz for Kitchens

When it comes to selecting a colour, our compound stone comes in light and dark shades. Ultimately, the colour scheme in your kitchen will greatly affect which quartz colour you choose. For example, the below modern kitchen with its white units and stainless-steel appliances elegantly complements our Oyster Grey quartz. Additionally, all our dark colours are available with splashbacks, sink drainers and your preferred edge profile.

Dark Colours

Oyster Grey

Dark Colours


Dark Compound Stone

Oyster Grey Wortop

Oyster Grey worktop with under-mounted sinks and Ogee profile on center island

Light Quartz for Kitchens

In recent years, light engineered stone countertops have become increasingly popular. In particular, white kitchen countertops like our Carrara and Calacatta ranges are currently trending colours for new and modern-day kitchen designs. Although some of our engineered stone prices vary depending on which colour you choose, the quality of all light coloured surface materials are first grade and are fabricated to the highest of standards.

Light Colours


Light Colours

Luna White

Light Compound Stone

Luna Quartz worktops

Kitchen and center island with under-mounted sinks and Pencil edge profiles

Superior Engineered Stone

Quartz Guarantee

2-year guarantee with an optional 25-year warranty available

Stain Resistant

Highly stain-resistant with very low care and maintenance.


All compound stone colours are non-absorbent & non-porous.

Scratch Resistant

Kitchen work surfaces are highly scratch & scrape resistant.

Exclusive Engineered Stone

Because our compound stone is imported directly from its country of origin, certain colours are exclusively available to us. So if you’re after a unique countertop, fabricated with worktop installation in your kitchen, anywhere in Ireland, then look no further.

One of our most popular colours, Fantasy Rosa, which is only available here, has a unique marbleized look. Based on Portuguese Estremoz marble, this unique material with its naturally flowing coral waves is one of a kind and will elegantly complement most kitchen designs.

View Colour

Fantasy Rosa

View Colour


View Colour

Michael Angelo

View Colour


Benefits of our Quartz Countertops

All engineered stone worktops for Ireland are affordable, guaranteed, and come with a full backup service, offering you complete peace of mind.


Affordable kitchen countertop prices to suit your preferred budget


For complete peace of mind, we offer a 25-year worktop warranty.


The best before and after-sales customer service for your worktops.