Worktop Sink Drainers

Bespoke Sink Drainers for Kitchen Worktops

Fluted drainers, half recessed, and fully recessed drainers for granite and quartz countertops

Types of worktop sink drainers

As sink areas are the most commonly used part of a kitchen, worktop sink drainers are important aspects to take into account. Unlike wood or formica, granite or quartz worktops can be cut and polished to suit under-mounted sinks. While the countertop drainer itself is machined into your work surface. There are three types of worktop sink drainers: fluted drainers, half-recessed, and fully-recessed drainers. Although kitchen worktop prices in Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland are more expensive for recessed drainers, their practicality, and appearance will greatly enhance your countertop.

Drainer with fluted groves for countertops

Fluted Drainer

Plain worktop drainer with fluted draining grooves

Small sunken drainer for quartz worktops

Half Recess

Draining area only recessed into worktop with fluted grooves

Recessed Drainer for Granite and Quartz Worktops

Full Recess

Entire sink area recessed into worktop with fluted grooves

Countertop Drainers

Below are examples of our worktop sink drainers in granite and quartz surfaces. It’s important to remember that each countertop drainer, can be adapted to suit your preferred under-mounted sinks and countertop layout.

Fluted Drainer on Quartz

Fluted Drainer on Granite

Half Recess on Quartz

Half Recess on Granite

Full Recess on Quartz

Full Recess on Granite

Countertop Drainer Costs

Sink drainer prices to suit your budget

As can be seen, countertop drainer prices for half and full recesses are more expensive, as they require more production time. So, if you have a certain budget to keep to, then a fluted drainer may be your best option. All cut-outs for sinks come with an easy-to-keep bullnose countertop edging while fluted grooves and recessed drainers have an immaculate high gloss finish. Although under-mounted sinks are not included in the below prices, they are fixed and sealed during countertop installation.

Please Note: The above prices do not include an under-mounted sink or taps.


Sinks for Countertop Drainers

Generally, your kitchen manufacturer will supply sinks and taps for your kitchen. Or you may prefer to acquire your own. In either case, we will adapt your countertop drainer to suit whichever sink you decide upon. That being said we have our own selection of under-mounted sinks and taps if you want us to supply them. Included as part of our worktop guarantee our sinks are made by Alveus, one of the most trusted sink brands found in today’s market.

Under-Mounted Sinks and Taps

Stainless Steel sinks for granite and engineered stone worktops

Separate Bowl and a Half

  • Make: Alveus
  • Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Big Bowl: 340 x 400 x 180
  • Small Bowl: 150 x 300 x 120
  • Waste fittings included
  • Combined Price: €270
Combined big and small under-mounted sinks for countertop drainers

Combined Bowl and a Half

  • Make: Alveus
  • Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Size: 520 x 400 x 180
  • Waste fittings included
  • Price: €270
Big under-mounted sink for quartz countertop drainer

Separate Bigger Bowl

  • Make: Alveus
  • Material: Stainless-Steel
  • Size: 480 x 400 x 180
  • Waste fittings included
  • Price: €300


Best Mixer Taps for granite and quartz countertops

Dual Flow Mixer Tap

  • Make: Sanbra Fyffe Eirline
  • Design: Swan Neck Swivel Spout
  • Colors: Polished/Brushed Chrome
  • For high & low-pressure systems
  • All Fittings included
  • Price: €150

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Worktops without Drainers

On some occasions, customers prefer not to have a worktop sink drainer with under-mounted sinks. This is usually because they need their sinks draining area as an actual workspace. Similarly, larger island units with quartz or granite worktops are sometimes left without a sinks drainer for the same reason.

Given these points, countertops without a draining facility will be less expensive, as less production time is needed. Like worktop upstands and splashbacks, countertop drainers are not a necessity when buying worktops. However, their practicality & functionality make them a must-have for the majority.

Sink cut and polished without drainer: €150

White Quartz Worktop with no drainer

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Top-Mounted Sinks

If you’re looking for low granite or quartz worktop prices, then you should consider top-mounted sinks. Sometimes referred to as inset sinks, top-mounted sinks are a complete sink unit that is placed on top of your worktop. Most top-mounted sink units include a sink, taps, and a sink drainer all in one.

No matter what type of inset sinks you purchase, they can be easily integrated to your preferred granite or quartz countertop colours. And unlike under-mounted sinks, a top-mounted sink only requires a basic cut-out in your countertop, with no additional profiling or polishing needed.

Price for top-mounted sink cut-out: €50

Worktop upstands and splashbacks for kitchens

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Flush-Mounted Hobs

Apart from sinks, the other most-used section of a countertop is a cooking hob. Like top-mounted sinks, hobs are generally placed on top of countertops. However, certain hobs can also be flush-mounted. Meaning, the top of the hob is level with the top of the counter, making cleaning granite much easier.

Flush-mounted hobs can be integrated into all our materials, including white quartz countertops, which are currently our best-selling colours. And as both granite and quartz are highly heat resistant, this integration is not only practical but provides you with a seamless and very contemporary look.

Price for flush hob integration: €200

Level cooker hobs for kitchen worktops

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