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Quartz Kitchen Worktop Prices

Low-Cost prices for Quartz Countertops

If you are looking for quartz worktops at an affordable price, then look no further. Our quartz surfaces, match the leading brands in quality and beat them in price every time. Why pay costly prices for quartz countertops when you can get the same item at an affordable price? All our engineered stone colours are composed of the same materials as branded quartz and are equal, if not superior to them in every way. In fact, we are that confident in the quality of our worktops we offer the same quartz worktop guarantee as the leading brands.

Kitchen Countertop Costs for Quartz

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Granite Kitchen Worktop Prices

Low-Cost prices for Granite Countertops

Compared to quartz, kitchen worktop prices for granite work surfaces can be less expensive. For example, some of our dark granite worktops, offer the best value for money at €450 per square meter. So if you are looking for a quality, low-cost worktop, then check out our “Best Value” granites below. As well as cost-effective granite worktop prices, our stone counters are pre-sealed for low maintenance. Not to mention, our worktops come with an automatic 1-year granite worktops guarantee or an optional 10-year warranty.

Please Note: The above prices (per square meter) do not include worktop sink drainers, upstands/splashbacks, intricate worktop edging, or installation costs.


Kitchen Countertop Costs for Granite

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Additional Kitchen Countertop Costs

When requesting a quotation please let us know of any additional elements needed for your countertop

Sink Drainers

It’s important to remember that the type of sink drainer you choose will affect kitchen worktop prices. Basically, there are 3 types of worktop sink drainers that can be applied to worktops. Firstly, the cheapest option is an all-in-one sink unit with drainer included, which is easily adopted to your countertop. Secondly, an under-mounted sink can be fixed beneath your worktop with fluted grooves on the work surface. And finally, the most costly option is a recessed drainer, whereby the entire sink area is sunken into the counter with fluted grooves.


One of the most practical features to enhance worktops are splashbacks and upstands. Often overlooked when requesting kitchen countertop pricing, these additional features will add to the look of your worktop. As well as being complementary, worktop upstands and splashbacks help protect your kitchen walls, especially around cooker and hob areas. In addition to this, matching kitchen window sills in both 2 and 3cm thick with your preferred edge profile can also be adapted to granite or engineered stone countertop designs.

Worktop Edging

When requesting kitchen countertop pricing the type of edge profile on your worktop can affect the price. For example, some of our more intricate profiles like our New York edge take longer to produce, resulting in higher costs. By comparison, plainer worktop edging like our Pencil or Bull-Nose edges are quicker to manufacture, resulting in lower kitchen worktop prices. It’s also important to note that island units, in particular, can sometimes have a more intricate or thicker profile edge while the main kitchen counter is left relatively plain.


Ultimately, installation costs for worktops depend on your location. Even though we provide a nationwide installation service, kitchen countertop costs will vary depending on where you are located. Furthermore, in some cases, more manpower may be needed to lift large island countertops into place which can also add to worktop installation costs. Similarly, if you need an existing worktop removed please let us know. And finally, it’s important to remember your sinks and electrical appliances should be connected by your own plumber or electrician.

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