Worktop Upstands and Splashbacks

Splashback ideas and Window sills for worktops

Practical and functional countertop up-stands, window shelves, and splashback ideas for kitchens

Splashbacks, Upstands and Window Sills

It’s important to note that features such as worktop upstands and splashbacks are completely optional. Such additional features can be purchased along with our granite and quartz worktops if required. As well as being practical, up-stands, splashback ideas, and window shelves will enhance your overall kitchen design. Not to mention, their protective and functional benefits will help keep and maintain your kitchen during everyday use. Because each kitchen design is unique, worktop prices for additional elements will vary depending on their sizes.

High Splashback for cooker or hob


Complimentary high splashbacks, custom-made for kitchens

Small upstand for behind kitchen worktop


Matching upstands to complement your kitchen work surface

Window Shelf to match kitchen worktop

Window Sills

Made to measure, bespoke shelves for windows to match your counter

Splashback Ideas

The below worktop in Carrara quartz displays a high splashback behind the cooker and sink areas. While the remainder of the countertop is complemented with four-inch high upstands and a matching quartz window shelf.

Carrara Quartz Worktop

Splashback for Cooker

Splashback & Window Sill

Matching 4" Upstands

Full-Wall Splashback

If you are looking for something exclusive, then it’s worth considering a full-wall splashback. Available to match both quartz and granite worktops, these splashback ideas will transform the appearance of your kitchen. Easy to clean, stylish, and durable, our full-wall splashbacks come in a range of traditional and contemporary colours.

Materials with natural flowing waves, like  Calacatta, look exceptional with a full-wall splashback. Because of the “marble-like” pattern, the splashback becomes picturesque and really makes a statement. Installed during countertop installation, full-wall splashbacks are made to measure with wall-plug sockets also integrated if required.

Full wall splashback in quartz for kitchen

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Countertop Upstands

People often get confused between countertop upstands and splashbacks. Basically, up-stands are small splash-backs, positioned behind countertops. Unlike higher splashback ideas which are commonly positioned behind a cooker or worktop sink drainers, up-stands are continued around your countertop and are usually 4 inches in height.

As well as adding to your worktops’ appearance, up-stands are very practical and help protect your countertops’ walls. By the same token, maintaining and cleaning granite or quartz upstands is easy because of their size. Whereas a larger splashback needs a little more upkeep. Overall, upstands are inexpensive and are well worth the investment.

Worktop upstands and splashbacks for kitchens

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Worktop Window Sills

By and large, kitchen window shelves are not as well-known as worktop upstands and splashbacks. However, if you do decide to avail of this additional worktop feature you will not be disappointed. In particular, granite or quartz window sills are bespoke items, individually cut and made to measure with your preferred worktop edging and colour.

Made from either 2 or 3cm thick material, kitchen window sills, particularly in quartz are non-porous and are easily maintained. As can be seen from our new  white quartz worktop, the up-stands under the windows are raised to meet the sills. While the window shelf itself has a matching pencil edge and integrates magnificently with the countertop.

White Quartz Window Shelves for Kitchen windows

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