Granite Worktops Guarantee

Guarantee for Granite Worktops in Ireland

1-Year Granite Guarantee

All granite counters produced by and installed by ourselves automatically come with a 1-year guarantee. In other words, if your work surface has failed due to a defect in fabrication or installation during the first year, we will repair or replace, without charge, the affected countertops. Our granite worktops guarantee also applies to splashbacks, sinks, and other additional worktop extras you may have purchased.

It’s important to realize our granite worktops guarantee does not cover damage caused by physical, chemical, or other similar abuse. Granite is tough and durable for everyday use and highly scratch and scrape resistant, however, a certain amount of care must be taken with it. For example, cleaning granite on a regular basis, and avoiding intense heat will help keep your counter in prime condition for many years.

Notably, all our granite colours come pre-sealed with Dry-Treat, the world’s leading impregnating sealer. In effect, this sealer works by repelling liquids, rather than blocking the pores of the stone. Because the pores of the granite remain open, the surface is not immune from staining. Thus, it is recommended to clean any harsh liquid spills, such as cooking oil or red wine soon after they occur.

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Highest Quality Granite Worktops Guaranteed

Our granite tops go through the most demanding quality controls to ensure the highest quality work surface for your kitchen. All worktops come with an automatic 1-year guarantee.

10 year warranty for granite worktops in Ireland

10-Year Granite Warranty

Because we know that our granite worktops are made and installed to the highest standards we offer an optional 10-year warranty across all our worktop colours for complete peace of mind. Together with a rigorous inspection of all finished slabs and meticulous quality control, we can confidently guarantee your stone countertop will serve you and your family for many worry-free years.

It’s important to remember that our 10-year warranty for black granite worktops and all other colours is completely optional. That is to say, you can purchase your countertop from us without having to pay any additional fees. If you do decide to avail of our additional worktop warranty, you will have an added assurance should something happen to your work surface within the 10 year time period.

Please keep in mind that only countertops which are installed by ourselves are eligible for our 10-year warranty. If you would like more information on our granite worktops guarantee or to find out what is covered or not covered by our warranty, please let us know. If you have any questions our sales team will supply you with the answers and send a copy of our warranty, as well as granite worktop prices if requested.

Our Promise

With over 43 years’ experience, we can confidently guarantee your countertop will serve you for many worry-free years.


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Made and installed to the highest standards all worktops are guaranteed.


Request a copy of our 1-year guarantee or our ultimate 10-year warrantee.