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Quartz Worktop Prices

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Prices for quartz countertops will vary depending on your needs. Firstly, our worktop colours are divided into four categories, namely: Special Deals, Best Value, Mid-Range, and Premium. So, if you are looking for a quality countertop at the lowest cost, then the materials in our Special Deals category are for you. If however, your budget can stretch a little further, also request engineered stone costs for our Best Value, Mid-Range or Premium colours. No matter which colour you choose a 2-year engineered stone guarantee comes as standard with your worktop.

Please Note: The above prices (per square meter) do not include worktop sink drainers, upstands/splashbacks, intricate worktop edging, or installation costs.

Please visit kitchen worktop prices for Northern Ireland to view quartz worktop costs in Pounds Sterling.


Additional Engineered Stone Costs

When requesting a quotation please let us know of any additional elements needed for your countertop

Sink Drainers

When requesting prices for quartz countertops one of the most important items you will need is a sink and a sink drainer. In particular, under-mounted sinks and worktop sink drainers go hand in hand and add a touch of class to your countertop. Compared to standard fluted drainers, recessed drainers will greatly add to your engineered stone costs, as they require a lot of time to manufacture. For example, recessed drainers on white kitchen worktops can cost anywhere up to €350 extra, when compared to standard fluted drainers.


Generally, upstands and splashbacks sit in an upright position and are fixed to the back of your countertop against the wall. Compared to upstands which are usually 4” high, splashbacks tend to be much higher and sometimes even cover the entire wall at the back of quartz worktops. Additionally, window sills to match your upstands and countertop can also be purchased if needed. In summary, prices for quartz countertops will be more costly if you require the above-mentioned items along with your main kitchen countertops.

Worktop Edging

One of the things most people overlook when requesting engineered stone costs is the type of profile on their worktop. As a rule of thumb, the plainer the worktop edging, the less expensive your countertop becomes. Another advantage of having a plainer edge profile on your work surface is it makes cleaning quartz much easier. Whereas more intricate profiles, such as our New-York edge need a little more care and upkeep. Sometimes kitchen islands have a detailed profile while the main work counter is kept relatively plain.


When requesting engineered stone prices it’s also important to factor in worktop installation costs. Therefore when sending us plans or sizes for worktop pricing please let us know your place of residence and if you need an existing worktop removed. Additionally, if you have a large island top more manpower will be needed to lift it into place. It’s also important to remember that although we do attach and seal sinks to your new worktop, sinks and electrical appliances will need to be connected by your own plumber or electrician.

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