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Have your own exclusive Recessed Drainer design integrated to your Quartz countertop at no extra cost!

The sink area is undoubtedly the most used area of your countertop. For this reason a lot of time and effort goes into choosing the right sinks, taps and drainers for your quartz worktop. Depending upon the shape of your countertop a simple Fluted Drainer or a Recessed Drainer can be integrated to suit your design. You can view some popular examples of sink drainers here along with a short description.

  • Starlight Black Quartz

    Recessed drainer to suit under-mounted sinks with flutes

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  • Snow White Quartz

    Recessed drainer to suit under-mounted sinks without flutes

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  • Starlight White Quartz

    Fluted draining groves to suit under-mounted sink

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  • Michael Angelo Quartz

    Under-mounted island sink without drainer

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Quartz Recessed Drainer

A recessed drainer is where the area around the sink is recessed into the surface of the quartz by four or five millimeters. This recessed area helps keep any access water from spilling out to the surrounding areas. A series of flutes can also be integrated into the Recessed Drainer which run horizontally into the sink.


Quartz Fluted Drainer

A fluted drainer is where a series of groves are cut into the worktop which run horizontally into the sink. The Flutes are about ten millimeters wide with a slight fall of two millimeters to allow access water to flow into the sink. The flutes can run horizontally, curved or fan shaped towards the sink.

Precision cut & Immaculately polished

The machining of a recessed drainer into a Quartz worktop usually takes four hours by CNC. This work is fully automated and uses a sequence of diamond tools and synthetic polishers to bring up the natural polished surface of the Quartz.

The Recessed Drainer is not only practical for your kitchen, it elegantly enhances the overall look of your Quartz countertop.

Reliable and durable Stainless Steel sinks and Taps such as Frankie, Rangemaster and Reginox can also be supplied by ourselves and integrated to your worktop design. Sink shapes and sizes along with a selection of contemporary mixer taps are available upon request.