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Quartz Worktops Ireland

Choosing countertop materials that are easy to keep and going to last is a high priority when planning a kitchen makeover. In particular, the best worktops need to be extremely hardwearing while at the same time offering an aesthetic appearance for your home. With this in mind, quartz worktops in Ireland lead the way when it comes to beauty and durability with very low maintenance required to keep them in prime condition.

Also referred to as compound or engineered stone, quartz worktops in Ireland have in recent years become a more affordable choice for Irish consumers. This is mainly due to the monopoly of big brand names being broken, with more affordable and better alternatives entering the market. In fact, prices for quartz countertops can be as much as 50% lower now compared to when they first appeared on the market some 20 years ago.

Is unbranded quartz any good?

Branded V Unbranded Quartz

When searching for quartz worktops in Ireland you are instantly bombarded with big brand names such as Silestone or Cambria. Even though many countertop fabricators offer similar materials with the same quality at lower worktop prices, more than often consumers prefer a brand, believing them to be of higher quality. Although false, this conception is wildly held by the majority of Irish consumers and fuelled by brands saturating the market.

Ultimately, people want a quality countertop that will stand the test of time, and at an affordable price. Our engineered stone colours for Ireland offer all of this plus much more. Fabricated with a highly polished, easy-to-keep finish our quartz worktops are equal to, if not more superior than branded materials. As opposed to acquiring a brand material, our customers receive our company brand, with the highest customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

Calacatta Slab for Irish Kitchen Countertops

Engineered Stone Colours Ireland

More than any other material, quartz countertops offer endless colour options for any kitchen style or theme.  Man-made from quartz crystals, resign and colouring pigments, the design structure within the material offers unimaginable colour shades, with a contemporary look and feel. Presently, the most popular quartz countertop colours are based upon classic Italian marbles, like the Calacatta and Carrara with random free-flowing natural waves.

In general, the most popular engineered stone colours for Ireland tend to be lighter in colour, with whites and greys currently trending. With this in mind, our current selection of grey and white quartz countertops for kitchens offers versatility in the design along with endless fabrication options to suit your kitchen layout. Additionally, all our countertop materials are NSF and CE certified, not to mention easy to keep and come with a guarantee.

best quartz samples for Ireland

Trending Materials for the Irish Market 2022

Because of their versatility and clean hygienic look, white engineered stone colours for kitchens currently dominate the Irish market. As well as being a neutral colour, whites are sleek, modern-looking and can complement a variety of kitchen styles. They also lend themselves to kitchens with additional colours, allowing the contrasting colours to break up the space, framing the room while maintaining a comforting bright aesthetic appearance.

Here are a few more reasons white engineered stone colours for Ireland are so popular:

  • Unlike any other kitchen countertop colours, white worktops are more associated with hygienically, freshly cleaned anti-bacterial surfaces.
  • They make small spaces appear bigger, offering those with a cosier kitchen the ability to create the impression of a larger countertop area.
  • White quartz worktops in Ireland come in endless styles and patterns with unlimited opportunities to acquire the perfect complement for your home.

Top 5 White Quartz Worktops in Ireland

Based on popularity and the most sales within the past 2 years we have complied a shortlist of the top 5 white quartz colours in Ireland. Offering a clean and contemporary look, each material is highly polished for easy quartz maintenance and comes in 3 and 2cm thick slabs with a variety of edge profiles and fabrication options to choose from. Free samples can be provided upon request, as well as larger samples showing more pattern movements.

1. Carrara

Based on the Italian Carrara marble this bestselling material is available in two shades. The first, traditional Carrara has a whiter background with subtle marble-like movements randomly dispersed throughout. While our New Carrara has a more realistic, mild grey marble background with light and dark veins gently cascading and blending in with the backdrop. As part of our Mid-Range priced materials, both colours offer extremely good value for money.

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Italian Carrara Quartz Countertops for kitchens

2. Calacatta

Followed closely behind is the highly sought-after Calacatta Quartz. Like Carrara, Calacatta is based on another Italian marble that is well known for its exclusivity and unique appearance. The first and most popular material is Calacatta Classic with grey-shaded veins cascading throughout the slab against an off-white backdrop. And like the Classic, our Calacatta Gold has an additional golden-coloured vein, adding an impressive, yet subtle splash of colour.

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Modern White Italian white quartz worktops for kitchens

3. Luna

For those seeking a plain and more transparent white worktop, our Luna quartz is the perfect counterpart. Unlike our Snow-White material, which is absolute in its purity, Luna is fashioned with evenly dispersed small grey grains against an off-white background. Its simple and uncomplicated look made it a very popular choice for new and contemporary kitchen designs. And because of its elementary appearance, neutrality, and low-cost price, it’s a safe bet every time.

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White with grey grains quartz worktop sample for kitchen

4. Starlight

As one of the first quartz materials to appear on the market some 20 years ago, Starlight White is a well-established modern colour and still as popular as ever before. Composed of small, grey-tinted grains and mirror fragments against a white background, this compound stone provides a glitzy, sparkle-like appearance. As well as its low-cost price, its ability to reflect and radiate light from your kitchen makes it an extremely eye-catching and trendy material.

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White Mirror Quartz sample for kitchen tops

5. Snowdrop

An exquisite blend of mild grey tones combined with lighter “snowdrop-like” formations combine to make this exclusive and modern engineered stone colour. Like the Carrara, but with a more distinct marbleized pattern this material is especially complementary with stainless-steel appliances, due to its silvery grey tones. Relatively new to the Irish market, Snowdrop is the most popular choice for Irish interior designers looking for something new and fashionable.

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Modern White Quartz sample Ireland

Irish Guarantees for Quartz countertops

When purchasing quartz worktops in Ireland it’s important to remember that our countertops come with an automatic 2-year guarantee. In addition to this, an optional 25-year quartz worktop warranty can also be purchased offering you complete peace of mind. Basically, both guarantees cover any failures resulting from faulty production or installation irregularities. While any form of improper use such as physical or chemical abuse, will not be covered.

Given these points, all our engineered stone colours for Ireland are fantastic, hardwearing materials and are ideal for everyday kitchen use. However, like all household items, a certain amount of care and maintenance needs to be taken to make sure your countertop stays in prime condition. For example, placing coasters under hot saucepans and using chopping boards when cutting with knives are just a few ways to help prevent stains or scratches on your countertop.

Warranties for Engineered Stone worktops in Ireland

Maintaining Quartz Countertops in Ireland

Although quartz countertops are currently the leading worktop surface for kitchens in Ireland, they are not bulletproof and will need a certain amount of care and maintenance. Unlike granite, which has a porous surface, engineered stone is non-porous and will not allow liquids to penetrate the surface. However, as best practice all spills should be wiped soon after they occur, as the longer they remain on the surface the harder they become to remove.

Similarly, coasters and chopping boards should be used regularly, especially when preparing meals. This practice will limit any potential damage from hot pans or sharp knives. Along with these best practices, cleaning quartz countertops with warm water and a little dish soap each day will keep your kitchen surface looking fresh and clean. To remove stubborn marks or stains we recommend using Astonish, multipurpose cleaner, or Ciff cream, which can be purchased from your local supermarket.

Engineered Stone care and maintenance