Calacatta Gold

Based on the Italian Calacatta marble our Calacatta Gold quartz has a white background with grey and gold veins randomly dispersed through each slab.

Pattern Formations

Pattern Formations

Inspired by nature, our Calacatta Gold pattern consists of large grey-shaded formations combined with delicate darker grey and gold-tinted outlines.

Non-Porous Surface

Non-Porous Surface

Highly stain and scratch-resistant our exclusive Calacatta Gold quartz is a non-porous solid surface, making it ideal for kitchen countertops.

Calacatta Gold Slabs

Calacatta Gold Slabs

Calacatta Gold quartz is available in both 2cm and 3cm thick slabs with a highly polished surface finish. Slab sizes are 300cm long x 160cm high.

Superior Calacatta Quartz

Quartz Guarantee

2-year guarantee & optional 25-year warranty available

Stain Resistant

Highly stain-resistant with very low maintenance


Extremely dense, non-absorbent and non-porous

Scratch Resistant

Highly scratch and scrape resistant countertop

Eco Friendly

Made from 95% natural quartz from the earth

Impact Resistant

Durable, strong, chip and crack resistant material

Calacatta Gold Island

Calacatta Gold Kitchen

Affordable Prices for Calacatta Gold Worktops

Because Calacatta Gold Quartz is our own brand, we are able to offer low-cost prices without compromising on quality. Receive a price today and discover our unbeatable prices.

Guarantees for Calacatta Gold Countertops

Calacatta Gold worktops come with an automatic 2-year guarantee. In addition to this, an optional 25-year warranty can also be purchased, offering complete peace of mind.

More Light Quartz Colours

Select any of the below quartz colours to view them in more detail.

Snowdrop white quartz for kitchen tops


White quartz with dappled areas of light and dark shading

Marble-like beige quartz for countertops


Beige coloured quartz with random marble-like movements

Modern white quartz for kitchens in Ireland

Calacatta Classic

White and grey quartz based on the Italian Calacatta marble

Beige Mirror Quartz Tops Ireland

Starlight Cream

Cream quartz with light brown grains and mirror fragments