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Kitchen Worktops Dublin

Selecting the perfect surface for your kitchen countertop can be difficult, mainly due to the many materials to choose from. Ultimately, the best kitchen worktops for Dublin should be durable, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable. With this in mind, both granite and quartz countertops in Dublin are currently the most popular choices for homeowners. And are well recognized as leading countertop materials that will stand the test of time.

Being the most well-known of the two materials, granite has many advantages as a kitchen surface. For example, its unique natural appearance and hard-wearing exterior make granite worktops a highly sought-after material. However, since the turn of the millennium, a new, more robust, and modern worktop surface called quartz or engineered stone has fast become the no1 choice when it comes to purchasing the best kitchen worktops for Dublin.

Quartz work surfaces in modern Irish Kitchen

Quartz Countertops Dublin

Currently, quartz countertops in Dublin are very much trending for kitchens, offering unique qualities and benefits that similar materials fail to deliver. First and foremost, prices for quartz countertops have in recent years become very competitive. As a result, many engineered stone colours for Dublin have become more affordable. In fact, as one of Dublin’s cheapest quartz worktops suppliers our prices are very rarely matched.

Made from 95% crushed quartz and 5% polyresin our kitchen worktops for Dublin are not only practical but are low-maintenance, with minimal care needed to keep them in prime condition. Compared to granite, which is porous, our engineered stone colours for Dublin have a non-porous surface, making maintaining dark and white quartz worktops easy and hassle-free. Not to mention, our quartz countertops for Dublin are highly stain and scratch-resistant.

Modern White Kitchen with White Engineered Stone Worktops

Top 3 Engineered Stone Colours for Dublin

As well as being one of Dublin’s cheapest quartz worktops suppliers, 2-year kitchen countertop guarantees come as standard, with an optional 25-year warranty also available. Our guarantees cover all engineered stone colours for Dublin and are backed up with a trusted after-sales service. That said, our most popular kitchen worktops for Ireland’s capital have a pleasant bright look with the best-selling colours offering a modern “marble-like” appearance.

1. Calacatta Gold

Since its introduction to the market, Calacatta Gold has become the most popular engineered stone colour for Dublin. Like its counterpart, Calacatta Classic, this material has free-flowing waves of grey, gently cascading throughout, but with a distinctive golden-coloured vein. And due to the big brand monopoly being broken for Calacatta quartz worktops in Dublin, this highly sought-after material has now become an affordable option for many homeowners.

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New white quartz with gold veins for kitchen tops

2. Fantasy Rosa

Being one of our own exclusive engineered stone colours for Dublin, Fantasy Rosa can only be purchased from our company. Unlike most contemporary quartz colours, which have an off-white backdrop, Fantasy Rosa has a mild-cream background with gentle rose-coloured veins. Based on the Rosa Aurora marble from Portugal, this unique compound stone colour offers a warm look and feel and is particularly complementary to all types of wood-coloured kitchens.

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Fantasy Rosa Quartz for Countertops

3. New Carrara

Based on the Italian Carrara marble, our new Carrara has become one of the most popular kitchen surfaces for Ireland’s capital. Like all our materials, New Carrara surfaces come with 2-year or optional 25-year kitchen countertop guarantees. And because of its neutral colour New Carrara quartz worktops are almost guaranteed to complement your kitchen’s colour scheme. Additionally, all slabs come in 2 and 3cm thick with a highly polished, easy-to-keep surface finish.

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Italian Carrara Quartz for worktops

Dublin’s Cheapest Quartz Countertops

As one of Dublin’s cheapest quartz countertops suppliers, our kitchen surfaces offer extremely good value for money. Compared to branded materials, which can be up to 50% more expensive, our very own engineered stone colours for Dublin offer the same durability and aesthetic appearance as the brands, but at more affordable quartz worktop prices. And because we are that confident in the quality of our materials, we also provide the best kitchen countertop guarantees.

More often than not, consumers associate engineered kitchen surfaces in Dublin as a luxurious and expensive household item. Although this may have been the case a decade ago, now in 2022 the market has become more competitive, resulting in lower kitchen countertop prices. In fact, depending on the colour and fabrication options you choose quartz worktops in Ireland are now less expensive than similar solid surface materials such as granite or marble.

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Kitchen Countertop Guarantees

When making an investment in quality kitchen work surfaces, consumers want a work surface that is fashionable, durable, and affordable. As one of Dublin’s cheapest quartz countertops providers, not only do our customers receive low-cost prices, but they also obtain a quality worktop with the best kitchen countertop guarantees. Following worktop installation, a 2-year guarantee comes as standard with an optional 25-year warranty also available.

To enumerate, both guarantees for compound stone surfaces in Dublin cover any failures resulting from faulty production or installation irregularities within the given timeframe. However, it’s important to point out that our kitchen countertop guarantees do not cover any form of improper use such as physical or chemical abuse. With this in mind, maintaining quartz worktops along with other best practices will keep your work surface free from harm for a lifetime of use.

Warranty for Quartz worktops in Ireland

Why Choose Us?

With over 43 years of experience in the stone business, our expertise and award-winning customer service are well-known throughout Ireland. As one of the leading suppliers of granite and quartz countertops in Dublin, we offer the best worktop prices along with the finest kitchen surfaces found anywhere in today’s market. And, in addition to our kitchen counter guarantee, we provide a full back up service, offering you and your family complete peace of mind.

Located in Clontibret village, Monaghan our premises are a short 1hr 20 minutes’ drive from the M50. However, if you are unable to visit us our home callouts will provide you with our work surface samples along with our in-house catalogue of complementary elements such as worktop sink drainers and splashbacks. Not to mention, as one of Dublin’s cheapest quartz countertops providers our prices and quality workmanship are rarely matched by any other company.

Installing a white quartz worktop in Dublin City