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Exclusive Engineered Stone Colours for Waterford

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Best Quality Engineered Stone Worktops

Quartz Worktops Waterford

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new quartz countertop, for a new or existing kitchen, then look no further. With over 43 years of experience in the stone industry, we supply Waterford’s best-value engineered stone countertops, without compromising on quality. Our quartz worktops for Waterford are amongst the best kitchen worktops found in today’s market and are fabricated and installed to the highest standards.

Together with an exclusive range of compound stone colours for Waterford, we offer a free call-out and worktop pricing service. So if you are unable to visit our premises in Monaghan, just let us know and we will arrange to meet at your residence. As part of our nationwide service, we offer practical advice on worktop sink drainers and other optional features, making sure you receive the best quartz countertops in Waterford.

Waterford's Best-Value Engineered Stone

Sourced from leading slab providers the world over, our compound stone colours for Waterford are well known for their quality and affordability. Unlike expensive branded materials our prices for quartz countertops are much lower, offering you greater savings, without compromising on quality. In addition to our low-cost prices, compound stone surfaces come with a quartz worktop guarantee.

Compound Stone Colours for Waterford

As well as providing Waterford’s best-value engineered stone, we have an extensive range of new and exclusive quartz worktop colours to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a countertop to match a traditional or modern kitchen design, our range of colours will elegantly complement your home. In particular, white quartz worktops are currently the most popular kitchen surfaces for Waterford.

Starlight White

The contemporary starlight white quartz is composed of small grey grains and reflective mirror fragments against a white background. Available in 2 and 3cm slabs with a wide variety of sink drainers, edge profiles, and splashbacks to choose from.

Plain Cream

Beige coloured quartz with small brownish grains, uniformly dispersed throughout the stone. Available in both 3 and 2cm polished slabs with an exclusive range of sink drainer, upstands, splashbacks and edge profiles to complement your kitchen.

Our Engineered Stone

Composed from 95% crushed quartz and 5% polyresin our quartz worktops for Waterford are the finest and most durable worktop materials available. Unlike granite, which has a pervious nature, our compound stone is completely non-porous, not to mention highly heat, scratch, and stain-resistant. Given these points, cleaning quartz countertops and maintaining them is unquestionably hassle-free.

As Waterford’s best-value engineered stone supplier, our countertop prices are rarely matched. Because our compound stone colours for Waterford are our very own brand, certain colours like our Carrara worktops range are exclusively available to our company. With this in mind, please feel free to request your preferred samples or to arrange a free call-out service for quartz worktops in Waterford.

Preparing food on a white Compound Stone Countertop
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Highest Quality Quartz Countertops Waterford

Our compound stone goes through the most rigorous quality controls to ensure you receive the best possible work surface. All worktops for Waterford come with an automatic 2-year guarantee.

Waterford’s Branded Quartz

There are two main reasons why some people prefer to buy branded quartz. Firstly, brand companies like Silestone and Cambria offer a large range of colours. And the second reason is because of the warranty they offer. Even though their Calacatta worktops can be as much as 40% higher priced when compared to our prices, the quality of our work surfaces is equal too, if not superior to the branded ones.

In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our work surfaces, we offer the same guarantee as the brands. It’s also worth noting that just because you opt for a brand, doesn’t mean to say your worktop won’t stain and scratch if proper care is not taken. Similarly, whether you purchase a brand name or not the actual fabrication and worktop installation are just as important factors as the material itself.

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