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Quartz Worktops Limerick

For over 43 years our company has been supplying the best kitchen worktops to Limerick city and county. In particular, quartz worktops for Limerick have, in recent years become extremely fashionable, mainly due to their durability, practicality, and contemporary new look. And although other countertop materials such as sintered stone and granite are still popular, quartz worktops for kitchens lead the way.

Even though we are based in County Monaghan, you do not have to make the long journey to visit us. Instead, we can visit you in Limerick. Simply let us know the quartz colours you are interested in and a member of our sales team will call with worktop samples to your home. Above all, quartz worktops for Limerick are fabricated to the highest standards and come with a professional worktop installation and after-sales service.

Limerick's Cheapest Engineered Stone

Because our quartz worktops for Limerick are our own brand, we provide lower worktop prices compared to branded materials. In fact, some of our engineered stone colours for Limerick can be as much as 50% cheaper than popular brands. Additional features such as matching worktop upstands and splashbacks, countertop edging and sink drainers can also be adapted at low-cost prices.

Quartz colours for Limerick

As well as being Limerick’s cheapest quartz countertops supplier, our new and contemporary white quartz worktops are exclusively available to you. Currently, light-shaded colours are very fashionable and create a bright atmosphere in your kitchen. Additionally, some of our exclusive colours, such as our Fantasy Rosa offer a realistic marbleized look, with the added durability and dependability of engineered stone.

Snow White

The perfect complement for a modern kitchen, our Snow White’s purity is absolute with little or no grain inside. This  polished and vibrant compound stone for Limerick comes in 2 and 3cm thick slabs with splash-backs and exclusive sink drainers.

Ice Lake

Aptly named due to its ice-like features, the pattern movements in the elegant colour for Limerick, randomly merge and intertwine against a silvery white background. Available with matching splashbacks and a variety of modern sink drainers.

Our Engineered Stone

Sourced from leading slab producers from around the world our compound stone is well known for its durability and elegance. Made from 95% crushed quartz and 5% polyresin our materials are NSF, CE certified, and fabricated using the very latest in CNC technology. And because it’s our own branded material we offer the lowest quartz worktop prices without compromising on quality.

Produced and installed to the highest standards, our quartz countertops for Limerick come installed with a guarantee. To enumerate, a 2-year quartz worktop guarantee comes as standard with all countertops. In addition to this we also offer an optional 25-year warranty should you require it. Notably, only kitchen countertops that are installed by ourselves qualify for our worktop guarantee.

Modern compound stone counertop for kitchen
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Highest Quality Engineered Stone for Limerick

Our compound stone slabs go through the most demanding quality controls to ensure the highest quality surface for your kitchen. All worktops for Limerick come with an automatic 2-year guarantee.

Limerick’s Branded Quartz

Does it really matter if you buy a brand name or not? First and foremost, the company you purchase your countertop from should be reputable and provide a worktop guarantee. After that, the type of material you choose is relatively unimportant. With over 43 years of experience in the stone industry, our company provides the best kitchen worktops with award-winning customer service.

Compared to branded materials, like Silestone or Caesarstone, our own quartz is equal too, if not more superior to them. Professionally manufactured and polished with an immaculate finish, our compound stone offers the same qualities as branded materials, such as non-porous surface with stain, scratch, and heat resistance. Not to mention, cleaning quartz worktops and maintaining them is hassle-free.


Calacatta Worktop with under-mounted sink

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