Bianco Carrara Marble

White Marble Kitchen Countertops

This white marble is undoubtedly the most famous natural stone worldwide.  It originates from a small coastal village called Carrara on the north west coast of Italy. Timeless, elegant and FULL of history, the Bianco Carrara is not just another marble.. just ask Michaelangelo!  Available in 4cm, 3cm & 2cm slabs.

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Nero Marquina Marble

Black Marble Kitchen Worktops

The Nero Marquina is a black coloured marble from Spain. It is composed mainly with white coloured veins and fossil remains of various sizes randomly flowing through the stone. It is mostly used in the manufacture of vanity tops and bathroom accessories. Available in 3 & 2cm. Slab size: 160 x 280cm

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Cream Marfil Marble

Cream Coloured Kitchen Worktops

The Cream Marfil is a delightful Spanish marble with lightly coloured natural veins flowing through the stone. Extremely popular for interior use due mainly to its subtle warm and natural look. It is mostly used for both bathroom countertops and flooring. Available in 3 & 2cm slabs. Slab size: 150 x 250cm

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Fabricated Cream Marble

Cream Marble for Kitchen worktops

Our exclusive Fabricated Cream Marble is a manufactured stone with a delicate blend of soft white fossil like grains on a mild cream background. A present day marble which is widely used due to its uniformed appearance and wonderfully polished surface. Available in 3 & 2cm slabs. Size: 160 x 260cm

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Turkish Salome Marble

Purple Kitchen Worktops

The Turkish Salome is an exquisite blend of natural colours intertwining with each other in swirling waves of deep maroons, light lavenders and numerous shades of light and dark greys. A truly magnificent marble, rich in appearance and tastier than a Turkish Delight! Available in 2cm slabs, size: 170 x 290cm.

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Rosa Aurora Marble

Crean Coloured Marble Worktops

Rosa Aurora Marble originates from Estremoz in Portugal. This fine marble comes in a variety of different shades. The most popular being cream with a subtle natural vein running it. A modern and elegant marble, very popular for interior household use. Available in 3cm & 2cm slabs. Size: 120cm x 250cm.

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Dark Emperador Marble

Brown Marble Kitchen Worktops

The Emperador is a dark brown coloured marble from Spain. It is composed of light natural veins and random grains of white calcite, combined on a stunning backdrop of dark shades of natural browns. A popular marble for kitchen worktops and vanity tops. Available in 3 & 2cm slabs. Size: 160cm x 270cm.

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Rainforest Brown Marble

Natural Brown Countertops

The Rainforest brown is an incredible spectacle of nature at its very best! The veins were formed by streams of water flowing between the rock millions of years ago. The overall colour scheme is a mixture of light and dark shades of natural browns. Available in 3cm and 2cm slabs. Slab size: 160cm x 270cm.

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Rainforest Green Marble

Traditional Green Kitchen Worktops

Like its sister marble the Rainforest Brown, the Rainforest Green has a similar composition. Naturally flowing veins intertwine gracefully set on a backdrop of a superb compilation of light & dark shades of natural Greens. A stunning work of nature in a stone! Available in 3 & 2cm slabs. Slab size: 160 x 270cm.

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Indian Green Marble

Green Marble countertops

Our exclusive Indian Green Marble is composed of light and dark tones of emerald green pearl like grains. The different shades of green are quiet subtle giving a very uniformed & consistent look and feel to each slab. Rich in colour and dense in structure. Available in 2cm slabs. Slab size: 160cm x 300cm.

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