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Complement your countertops with practical granite
splash-backs, window sills and extras at a low-cost price

The use of high granite splash-backs, smaller up-stands and matching window sills have become almost a compulsory necessity when purchasing a granite worktop. Not only are they practical with low-maintenance, they also visually enhance the overall look of your kitchen. You can view some examples below in different coloured granites.

  • Shivakashi Granite

    High arched splash-back, up-stands and window sills

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  • Black Granite

    Splash-back behind cooker & matching up-stands

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  • Brazilian Gold Granite

    With matching up-stands and window sill

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  • Juparana Colombo

    With matching up-stands shelf and splash-back

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  • Star Galaxy Granite

    Granite shelving in foreground & splash-back behind sink

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  • Cielo De Marfil Granite

    With granite up-stands rounded up to meet matching window sill

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  • Black Granite

    5cm thick Breakfast-Bar with New York edge profile

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  • Black Granite

    Round chopping board

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Granite Splash-backs

A splash-back is basically a high slab of granite usually positioned behind the cooker or sink area of your kitchen which helps keep and maintain your wall by catching any “splashes” that may occur in that space. Most splash-backs match the colour of the worktop you choose and can vary in size and design depending upon the layout of your kitchen. Granite splash-backs are a very efficient and yet visually attractive addition for any kitchen design.

Granite Up-stands

An up-stand is a small strip of granite, usually ten centimeters in height which is placed at the back of your countertop. Like a splash-back, this up-stand acts as a protector and helps you keep clean and maintain the wall behind which it is placed. As well as being a functional accessory, a granite up-stand will further enhance the look of your kitchen and when compared to some tiles, granite up-stands are relatively inexpensive.

Granite Window Sills

Matching granite window sills are also a practical feature to apply to your kitchen. As well as having the added value of durability, a granite window sill will perfectly complement your countertop. Granite window sills can be cut from both two and three centimeter slabs and polished with a front edge profile to match that of your worktop if required.

The Recessed Drainer is not only practical for your kitchen, it elegantly enhances the overall look of your Granite countertop.

Granite worktop accessories

Reliable and durable Stainless Steel sinks and Taps such as Frankie, Rangemaster and Reginox can also be supplied by ourselves and integrated to your worktop design. Sink shapes and sizes along with a selection of contemporary mixer taps are available upon request.