Selecting your Marble

Installing a granite worktop isn’t just a way to freshen up and modernize your kitchen, its also a way to add your own unique personality to your space while increasing your home’s value. With an endless variety of colours, styles and variations of granite’s available, we have listed some factors below to help you make the most knowledgeable granite purchase for your kitchen.

  • Nero Marquina marble slab

    Available in 3 & 2cm slabs. Size: 160 x 280cm

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  • Spanish Cream Marfil marble slab

    Available in 3 & 2cm slabs. Size: 150 x 250cm

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  • Fabricated Cream marble slab

    Available in 3 & 2cm slabs. Size: 160 x 250cm

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  • Portuguese Rosa-Aurora marble slab

    Available in 3 & 2cm slabs. Size: 120 x 250cm

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  • Polished Emperador marble slab

    Available in 3 & 2cm slabs. Size: 160 x 270cm

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  • Indian Green marble slab

    Available in 2cm slabs. Size: 160cm x 290cm

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Sample Request

Request a Free sample of the marble colours you are most interested in viewing

Make a selection of a maximum of five samples for viewing which can then be delivered to your address within 3 working days.

Qualities of the stone

It is important to point to our customers that apart from the attractiveness of your granite you will need to be aware of the inherent qualities of each stone that you are considering. For example: surface pitting, fissures, veins, colour concentrations and shade variations are all a natural part of the composition of granite. These characteristics are not deficiencies, rather they are a part of the character of each stone and you as the end user need to be made aware of such qualities before you commit to purchasing.

Density of the Granite

Generally the darker the granite the more dense it is than lighter coloured granite’s and may require lees maintenance. This is an important consideration if you have any concerns concerning stain resistance. Darker, denser granite’s like the Premium Indian Black or the Star Galaxy are less likely to stain than some of the lighter colours. Lighter granite’s such as the Imperial White or the Cream Astoria are more porous than their darker counterparts and will require a little more maintenance.

Request several samples, and look at them in the lighting that will be used in your home… different kinds of light will affect the way your granite countertop will look once installed in your kitchen.

Patterns in Granite

Granite is a fascinating stone that is well known for its unique and stunning patterns. It is important to think about how these natural patterns in the granite slab you’re considering will fit into the overall design and color scheme of your kitchen. Granite slabs with naturally flowing patterns such as the Aurora or Cielo De Ivory can vary in design from one slab to the next. While granite’s such as the Black Pearl or the Brazilian Gold have a very consistent pattern running throughout.

Colour Coordinating

When you are choosing the type of granite you want to use in your home the first thing that usually comes to mind is selecting a colour that will comfortably complement your kitchen. From our own experience it is very helpful to our customers to take some samples of their kitchen decor with them if they decide to view our slabs on display. If possible we would suggest taking a piece of the flooring or wall tiles that you’ll be using and more importantly a sample of your finished units, like a kitchen drawer or door.
If you cannot make the journey to view our granite slabs we can easily arrange to send an extra large finished sample of the granite you most like to your home where you can see first hand how all the colours in your kitchen interact with your granite sample, making your your job of choosing your perfect granite worktop that wee bit easier!

selecting a marble worktop sample


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