About Granite

Granite is an igneous rock formed from the cooling magma on the earths surface from millions of years  ago. Next to the diamond it is the hardest natural stone known to man, making it an ideal kitchen countertop surface. Granite is quarried all over the world and comes in a huge variety of unique & brilliant natural colours. The beauty, elegance and durability offered by granite cannot be matched by any other natural material. The diverse minerals within this stone add depth and character to the granite making each countertop unique to you.

  • Granite, 100% natural stone countertops

    Each cut stone is unique in appearance and composition

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  • Cool, smooth polished surface, ideal for kitchens

    Highly water & stain resistant, a sanitary material which does not harbor bacteria.

    Care & Maintenance

  • Durable, practical and elegant worktops

    With a contemporary and stylish look, Granite is comfortable in any decor

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  • Affordable worktops adding value to your home

    A good investment for your home with a lifetime of endless benefits.

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  • Individual kitchen worktops of distinction

    An infinite number of color & pattern combinations, none of which can be duplicated in nature.

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  • A mirror-like countertop surface

    With a variety of modern edge profiles to complement your worktops

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Beauty and Durability

A Granite worktop showcases the beauty of nature with exquisite varieties of natural colours while offering you the assurance of having of a hard and reliable work-surface. This timeless stone will add a unique and unrivaled personality to any kitchen Design. With an endless collection of natural colours to choose from you can easily complement any tone of wood and colour scheme to perfectly match your kitchen. The beauty and grandeur of a granite countertop is often copied but never equalled…

A Granite Worktop will easily complement any home and give you something that is unique only to you. Their beauty and durability is very rarely matched by any other material .

Durability is a key element to take into consideration on purchasing a kitchen worktop. Granite is a hard, durable stone with low maintenance required to keep it in prime condition. It is highly resistant to staining, highly resistant to heat and is very hard to scratch. Also, due to its mineral formation, granite holds up very well to eroding acids found in items such as vinegar and lemons. Depending on the composition of the Granite you choose a stain repellent sealer can be easily applied to the surface of your worktop every 2 to 4 years to help keep it stain proof and vibrant.

Advantages of Granite Worktops

Disadvantages of Granite Worktops


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